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5 Great Jordan Food Tours to Try

Jordan has a reputation for some fantastic Middle Eastern food. If you’re wanting a bit of help during your Jordan trip to find some of the fantastic meals consider a food tour.

With these Jordan food tours, you can experience authentic Jordanian cuisine in a comfortable and informational manner. Keep reading to learn what to expect from each one.

Five great food tours in Jordan are:

  • Private street food and walking tour of downtown Amman
  • Arak Experience at a Private Jordan Heritage Restaurant
  • Syiadya: a local food-making experience
  • A private food and Amman City layover tour
  • Private Kan Zaman buffet from the Dead Sea

Private Street Food and Walking Tour of Amman Downtown

You may know that some of the best street food in Jordan can be found in downtown Amman, but it’s often difficult to find out which places offer the best foods. In this private, guided tour, you get to witness popular sites like the Citadel and Roman Theatre while experiencing popular foods such as:

  • Falafel
  • Hummus
  • Ful
  • Shawarma
  • Kunafa

Drinks like mint tea, cane juice, coffee, and water are included, as well as your entry to the cultural sites, private transportation, and guidance from an experienced, English-speaking local.

Arak Experience at a Private Jordan Heritage Restaurant

If you worry about experiencing an array of Jordanian cuisine during your trip, consider this tour organized by the Jordan Heritage Restaurant. With dishes from three of the Hadad Araks, you get plenty of options. 

Make sure you show up with an empty stomach- this private experience is bound to leave you full and satisfied.

This private tour includes a private transfer from and back to your hotel and plenty of plate options, as well as one soft drink and one small bottle of water. You get three glasses with the Arak experience.

Sayiadya: Local Food Making Experience

For a more personal food experience, join a local cook to discover the secrets to making Sayadia and Bokhari. These dishes are some of the most famous in Aqaba, and they are included in a variety of occasions.

During this experience, you work with a local cook to learn the step by step process of making the dishes, as well as the importance of all ingredients.

Afterwards, sit and chat with the family as you enjoy the flavors of your labor.

Private Food Tour – Amman City Tour Layover Tour

Have a layover in Queen Alia International Airport or just want to fill a few hours before your flight? This layover tour helps you witness historic Jordanian remains and get a final taste of Jordan cuisine.

With airport transportation and entrance fees included, you can visit the Citadel and the Roman Theatre before dropping into Al Balad for a local lunch or dinner.

Interact with locals at the Market of Amman and find some final souvenirs before heading back for your flight.

Private Kan Zaman Buffet from Dead Sea

This traditional meal served at Kan Zaman consists of appetizers, salads, and entrees in Arabic mezze style. You can request a vegetarian dish or get a taste of favorites like Halloumi and Kibbe.

This food tour is served as a buffet and accompanied by local music. Before you go, try a shisha pipe of flavored tobacco to top off the service.

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